Why Ski Touring Academy ?

Yes that’s right, why are we willing to pass on our tricks and knowledge on how to find the best snow while being safe and independent on the mountains instead of just keeping those skills for ourselves…?
Well, those who have already been out skiing with Victor and me know that we’re not such guides (if such guides exist), and that we never miss an occasion to share our observations and thoughts.
So I would say that it starts with our background.
Victor, before becoming a guide, was a member of a french team, gathering young alpinists, trained by some very inspiring teachers that have certainly been planting the seed of pedagogy in their students minds. Actually, after many years involved in snow and safety as a patroller he started to work as a mountain teacher in a local high school.
As for me, I’ve worked eight years in Chamonix in a military school, teaching winter and summer the soldiers from the french alpine troops how to climb, ski and survive in the mountains. But my most significant experience has been to become a teacher in a Norwegian school for a 6 month program called Ski Og Skred, Snow And Avalanches. Those lucky young skiers spend a half year travelling in Europe and Canada to improve their experience, knowledge and skills in ski touring, to make it short. They browse the whole subject : snow science, theory, terrain, orientation, group management, decision making, winter trips in full autonomy, and so on. At the end of their education, on top of being better skiers, they are real mountain skiers, able to make plans to have fun, find the good snow in a safe way. They understand the mountains better.
So the thought hit me : why isn’t such a great concept accessible to more people ?
What can you do if you’re not 20 years old anymore ?
If you cannot have 6 month free from work and / or family so easily ?
Ski Touring Academy was born with this thoughts, and with Victor we have developed our own concept : the possibility for anybody, starting from zero, to progress step by step towards autonomy and become a mountain skier.
We want to give you the opportunity to build your knowledge and your experience how you want it, when you want it.
On this page, you’ll find our different courses, but as well this blog where we will post articles about technique, gear, our secret spots (maybe…) and a forum to help you organise groups with or without us.
Because our goal is to see you stand on your own two feet.
Welcome !